49 years old from Australia

MS for 11 years

11 years ago I lost sensitivity from the waist down, I couldn't walk. I began treatment with injections and I improved but after a year it all came back and was even worse. The doctors kept saying that there is no medicament to treat this disease. I was getting more and more tired, I had no energy and no desire to do anything. One day I woke up and saw ... nothing. I lost the ability to speak too. My children and my husband started looking for alternative treatments. They learned about the Ayurvedic methods and we got in touch with Ayurvedic doctors. We heard about Ayushprana and here I am. This is my first real Ayurveda therapy. I came here unable to speak, almost blind and in a wheelchair. As you can see, after just a few weeks of therapy I speak much better and it is not difficult for you to understand me. I am gaining more and more energy. I see much better and the constant oozing from my eyes has stopped. And my greatest achievement – I can walk again!!!

How did MS change me? It changed the lives of my whole family, the way I think. All my life I've always been very active and constantly stressed! Now I have stopped. I've calmed down. God gave me a vacation. A vacation too long, but still – a vacation. I feel happy! Because I've found this place, my family is here with me and they support me, doctor Prashant is the only doctor who believes in me, and I believe in him. Ayurveda is the only therapy that is bringing me back to life step by step.

... Besides Pam this morning I am watching Ute too. Like a true German who enjoys precision, she walks with a special device attached to her ankle to count down the number of steps she made. It's all neatly recorded afterwards. The number of steps grows every day. Ute smiles as she passes me.