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This Ayurveda therapy to treat neurological diseases originated about a century back in Dr. Prasanth’s family.
Dr. Prasanth has refined and modified this therapy for MS since 1997, taking into account the relation of pathology of MS with immune system, psycho-neurological system, endocrine system and digestive system.
The therapies, medicinal preparations, medicated oils etc are prepared by considering the above specificities of MS, the individual’s physical constitution and symptoms.

Aims of the VPATMS therapy :

  • Control on the progression of MS : To control the pathological process of MS, so that further deterioration of disease cannot happen.
  • Stabilisation of MS and improvement of symptoms : Stabilisation is attained when there is no further progression of the disease and this is attained in the later stages of MS.Specific symptoms are c considered, like gait disturbance, vision disturbances, bladder problems etc and they will improve during the treatment and these improvements are sustained thereafter.
  • Cure from MS: Cure from MS could happen without leaving any residual symptoms in the initial stages of MS.

Duration of the therapy :

The minimum duration of treatment is 45 days a year, which has to be repeated for 3 to 5 consecutive years. The exact period of treatment could only be ascertained by the Doctor after consultation or after he understands your physical condition and the state of disease.

Principle of VPATMS therapy :

  • Adhi-Stana Chikitsa (Treating the source of illness): Treating the central nervous system
  • Agni Sara Chikitsa (Reorganizing or fine tuning the metabolism): Correcting the digestive fire in a person which improves the cellular metabolism