We are not a Yoga center, but as a support to our Ayurveda treatment we offer our patients the possibility to learn about the way of relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises (Pranayama), Yoga postures (Asanas) to improve in their condition with the help of Yoga as well. Disease modifying Yoga postures is recommended by Dr.Prasanth which are proved to bring amazing results in bladder problems, coordination and imbalance, strength in the legs, flexibility and so on. Moreover it brings radical changes in the stress factor. We have the great opportunity to have by us an Yoga Master Peter Brose, with immense experience in teaching Yoga and proper understanding of MS patients. He will teach Yoga early morning (Asanas, Pranayama), and evening Meditation and Lectures about different subjects in the huge field of Ayurveda and Yoga. What could become a routine during the stay by us, our patients are welcome to continue the same practice in their home after leaving from us. We have a resident certified Yoga teacher as well Dr. Chaitanya willing to guide the patients in morning Yoga sessions, in the absence of our Yoga Master. Patients are given symptom & individual constitution oriented Yoga exercises, all practised in a mild form. Much resting time in between the asanas will be advisable. For example Sheetali is indicated in Pitta Constitution and aggressive nature condition. But the same is contraindicated in Kapha constitution and depressed nature.

There is a great chance to have this possibility of living without usually daily duties, free from any effort, to have time and space for yourself, to relax, to enjoy the nature around, and to keep a balanced state of mind which will enhance the result of the treatment.

Ayush Prana foundation

Ayush Prana Foundation is registered as a non-profit organisation functioning for the benefit of MS patients. Through this Trust we provide help to those deserving. Special consideration will be given for paediatric patients and young mothers.



  • to support MS patients for treatment. We are providing help for MS patients, among them mother and children affected with MS are given priority.
  • Supporting tribal people and other staffs who help us to procure rare herbs.
  • Supporting research programs for MS.
  • Research and evolving new and more effective herbal medication for MS
  • Supporting tribal people and other staffs who help us to procure rare herbs.
  • Propagation of Ayurveda.
  • Those who had relief and success with our treatment could contribute to our Trust or directly to MS patients who have financial difficulties to afford the treatment.
  • We are supporting in the building of eco-friendly houses for tribal herb collectors who are working for us.
  • asddasdas

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